Tasting Notes

Fine Drink. Fine Music. Fine Company

Nothing adds a touch of class to your event like live music performed by some of the Pacific Northwest’s most talented and charismatic musicians. Pacific MusicWorks Underground’s Tasting Notes programs match your wine selections with baroque music from the country or region the grapes originate as well as the mood and character of your event. For example, our popular Vivaldi in the Vineyard program blends the music of Vivaldi – fiery, passionate, and heartfelt – with Italian style wines to create a series of interludes around which you can build a tasting event to remember. An event your guests will rave about to their friends.

Baroque music blends the energy of Bluegrass, the soul of R&B, and the intellectual depth of Classical music. Our musicians are down-to-earth and to share their passion for the music with new listeners. We offer a range of ensemble configurations to meet your budget and space requirements, from solo harpsichord to trios and quartets to a full chamber orchestra.

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