Handel’s Oratorio Esther (The 1720 version)

Seattle, WA, United States

St. James Cathedral

Saturday, March 26, 2011
$40 General | $25 Students

Pacific Musicworks, St.James Cathedral and the Tudor Choir, conducted by Stephen Stubbs, present what is regarded as Handel's first English Oratorio as part of the American Handel Festival.

Soloists Include: Shannon Mercer, Catherine Webster, Matthew White, Ross Hauck, Zachary Wilder, Charles Roberts Stephens,

Though this is Handel’s first oratorio, it already demonstrates Handel’s ability to create an enormous variety of color and to bring to life compelling drama in music. The story begins with the Israelites in a joyful mood as they have just learned that their queen Esther has been made Queen by the Persian King Ahasuerus. This joy quickly turns to sadness when they hear that the King’s High Priest Haman has ordered the death of all Jewish people in the kingdom. Esther’s kinsman, Mordechai, begs the new Queen to use her influence with the King to save the Jewish people from Haman’s evil decree. Through the use of her considerable charms, and some help from Handel’s bewitching music, Esther is successful and Haman is sentenced to death. The Oratorio ends as joyously as it began with the Jewish people celebrating their victory.

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