Get Involved

Like all non-profit arts organizations, Pacific MusicWorks depends on the generosity and commitment of members of the community who believe in our mission to provide Seattle and the Pacific Northwest with opportunities to enjoy events worthy of a world stage.

We are especially grateful to those supporters who have helped us in our first few years and we encourage you to join us as we plan our most exciting season to date.

Here are some ways you can help us and also get to know our musicians better:

·      Greet a visiting musician at the airport and drive them to and from rehearsals;

·      Lend a car to a visiting musician; or

·      Provide a visiting musician with a few days of accommodation.

If you have skills in marketing, finance, strategic planning or development, you could use those skills in new and challenging ways by helping Pacific MusicWorks to grow and develop.

If you’re simply a fan of the music and would help to help in some way, please ask!

We look forward to getting to know you better.

Call us: 206.708.6003

Email us: